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Welcome to the DNA Construction Kit project pages!

This project continues the work of my already completed diploma thesis released in September 2004 at the University of Applied Sciences, Augsburg, Germany. The title of this work was "Development of an all-round screenpainter framework based on Java and XML". It included a fully functional prototype that was already published under a BSD-style License. In this project the application will be rewritten from scratch to bring it more in line with the conceptual idea and improve weak points of the first version.

The software is a screenpainter tool like Flash or Director that allows the user to create a multimedia project draft. After design time export-plugins translate this abstract draft into nearly any file format, which is possible because the draft consists of a gerneralized abstract system.

Thus this screenpainter combines the basic properties and functions that are equal for all screenpainters and makes it possible to create abstract commonly valid projects. Only the export plugin has to know specific technology details of the target file format it produces which could be theoretically any known multimedia format like Flash, PDF, C++, Java, VB, ...

Because of this big operative range the application is highly extensible through plugins and modules!

The application has two main purposes:

  • Provide an universal screenpainter that creates any format out of one draft (as described above).

  • Make a redistributable screenpainter available to compiler/interpreter/engine/player/runtime/... authors that want to provide visual editors for their interpreting multimedia software quickly. (They only have to write a little plugin that cares about the translation of the abstract draft into their specific source format)

The application is written in Java which may lead to platform independence. However it will be developed primary on/for Windows. Additional data will be handled through XML documents.



New: You can download a code snapshot of the new version's current project state . This release contains the code of the DNA2 framework as is at 2005-05-15. Note that this is an incomplete working draft of the code. The download contains the framework core, three plugins and some code for GeneLab2. These folders can directly be importet into Eclipse 3. Download it here.

The prototype is now available for download. Note that this prototype is only available with German languaged documentation and is developed no longer, but it's the basis for a new implementation of the model as mentioned above.


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